Gypsy Jazz

My dad, Ted, was a Jazz violinist and double bass player. So I have grown up listening to Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli - a sound which immediately captured my imagination. That music is now described as "Gypsy Jazz" and thrives globally. I am involved with:

Chez La Vie Steve playing guitar for a Company event

Chez La Vie:

Chez La Vie play acoustic Gypsy Jazz. This is music inspired by the legacy of Django Reinhardt, the gypsy guitarist who is one of the forgotten heroes of jazz. He flourished in the 30s and 40s and developed a famous partnership with violinist Stéphane Grappelli in the "Quintette du Hot Club de France". Chez La Vie play classic tunes from all the way through the twentieth century. It's a vibrant mix of jazz and Eastern European melodies, played with a gypsy flavour and the occasional modern twist. You'll hear toe-tapping swing tunes and mournful clarinet pieces, as well as popular vocal classics from the era. Chez La Vie are usually a quartet: clarinet/guitar, two more guitars and bass (plus vocals).

Chez La Vie are:

  • Steve Verge: vocals, guitar and harmonica
  • Oliver Watson: clarinet and guitar
  • John Layton: guitar
  • Richard Hopper: bass

Listen Online:

The Chez La Vie Sampler - Waves of the Danube, Blue Bossa, Dinah, I'll See You In My Dreams, Lulu Swing, Les Yeux Noirs and Honeysuckle Rose

And here is a short clip of Chez La Vie playing at the Waterside Bistro in Totnes, Devon July 2014: